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ArtTec was founded in 1991 as an evolution of a sole trader that has been operating since 1983 and has an active role in the field of Information Technology for the last 30 years. During the years, the key employees of the company participated or were main persons responsible for the development and implementation of major projects, which are nowadays considered to be standards not only in Greece, but worldwide.

The company from its establishment, focused on the Public, Banking and Stock Exchange sectors having the opportunity to participate in the completion of various projects and specialized systems, many of which operate and constitute the company's legacy for the future.

As a result, apart from the recognition of our company in the above sectors, ArtTec had the opportunity to create relationships of trust with the broader Public Sector and the biggest Financial Institutions of Greece.

The deep know-how and the extensive knowledge of the substance helped us not only to choose innovative tools from IBM, Micro Focus, PC Soft, Microsoft, Oracle etc., but also to create a set of standards and an integrated design and development environment that helps us to complete major projects.

For the above reasons, we have gained so far, the trust of the largest financial institutions in Greece, having implemented a series of unique systems for them or worked with large customers to implement integrated IT projects according to demanding specifications and requirements.

Bank of Greece

TIRESIAS Information Systems

National Bank of Greece

Emporiki Bank

Alpha Bank

Piraeus Bank

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