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ArtTec, with 30 years of continuous presence in the Greek Banking & Finance sector, with a strong emphasis on applied research and technology, is constantly adapting to the new standards of International IT firms, aiming to offer integrated solutions and high-level services.

Τhe long-term experience of Banking Sector , as well as the deep knowledge of the complex banking environment, combined with the use and know-how of important implementation tools, are the key features that have led major financial institutions to trust us for the development of various IT systems and as a result ArtTec is now considered a strategic partner of the above Institutions.

Our common values are respect, honesty, trust and discretion towards our customers, but above all what characterize us is our insistence on teamwork, inspired by our devotion and commitment to success.

What makes our Company stand out is that it can offer all the services that a modern Greek business needs today, with an emphasis on integrated IT systems , while providing a range of complementary services that every major project requires.

Finally, it is mentioned that we can help each company, bank or organization in all phases of a system (Design, Development, Installation, Migration, System Support). (Design, Development, Installation, Migration, System Support). Additionally, whenever is necessary, we can help in the transition and re-design of systems (Rehosting, Down Sizing)

Our capabilities include the implementation of information systems from a Smart Phone to a Main Frame system, covering that way the whole range of requirements of a modern business.

Therefore, the growth prospects of our company are positive because, the new market conditions will force every small or large company to revise methods and practices that have been followed in recent years.

The new IT and telecommunications technologies will generate large investments to modernize and reorganize information systems in order to meet market requirements, both economically and technologically.

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