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Systems Development

ArtTec through specific standards and methods has the experience and ability to design technology development solutions that deliver measurable results. Our experienced analysts can identify specific points where through a sequential adjustment, the end result will be created, having as a main purpose to maximize return on investment. Therefore, each client is a unique case, as it has its own specialty and each solution has the unique characteristics of each system (Tailor Made Systems), exceeding this way the requirements of the most demanding customer.

The increased complexity of organizations combined with technology creates additional demands for the implementation of new systems and technologies, while improving end-user productivity.

ArtTec aims to provide a comprehensive solution to the specific problems of its customers, and has implemented a flexible internal structure, so that it can directly and indirectly provide all the services that every major customer in the wider public and private sector needs.

Today ArtTec implements specific technology (Service-Oriented, Multi-Tiered Systems) following strictly a specific standard and implementation methodology (Intelligent Prototype (iPro)), which ensures the quality and safety that every modern system needs (Quality of Service (iPro)).

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    Written on August 16, 2019