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Alerting & Information Systems (AAS Family)

Customers Automated Alerting System (AAS Alerting)

Starting as an automated alerting system, AAS has now acquired new properties that place it in an advanced level.

A complete AAS Application Suite offers not only regular customers information but also Transaction Tracking, Internal Alerts and a complete alternative mail system.

The advanced platform of the AAS system takes full advantage of real-time monitoring and analysis know-how (Feeds), controlling and implementing rules tailored to the specific needs of each customer that subscribes to the service, providing complete customer / business partner information through alternative ways such as (SMS, E-Mail, Help Desk, IVR).

At the same time, the same flow of information is analyzed in the light of specific internal rules, which defines and modifies either the Bank or the Organization as a whole, through a friendly User Interface, enabling Internal Alerts, providing online as well as retrospective information to the relevant bank institutions, ensuring thus the Bank potentially from suspicious transactions

In addition, AAS system acting as an information bridge can effectively replace the needs of print mail to Clients, offering multiple benefits from the first day of operation, both economically and procedurally. Any system of the Bank can simply transfer information to the AAS, which then undertakes the creation and dispatch of complex information packages at no cost.

It is sufficient to consider the annual needs for information on movements, invoices, documents, statements, as well as the promotion of promotional material for new banking products, in order to understand the cumulative benefits that the Bank derives from the adoption of the AAS system.

System Brochure (PDF)

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