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Credit Management Systems

DCS Base (Basic Information Collection & Dispatch System TIRESIA)

As the number and complexity of Information Systems grows, the more difficult is the work of Searching, Interconnecting, Grouping, and Evaluating Information

The DCS product family is finding solutions to these timeless problems by connecting seamlessly different Systems with different philosophies.

The core of the DCS family of products is the dynamic data transfer as well as the integrated search, storage and management of economic behavior data, making use of the new possibilities offered by the TIRESIA system through Application to Application.

All DCS systems and versions are specially designed to adapt to the environment of each bank and to provide, through a friendly environment, full queries / replies to both central lending and retail

Besides installing and interconnecting with the bank systems and beyond the basic system maintenance offered, our company also undertakes the complete adaptation of the systems to the new requirements or specifications of TIRESIA that are constantly generated (2-3 times a year) , due to the new needs of banks in this particular subject.

In other words, the bank will be fully informed and secured in any case, as our company fully undertakes the change of procedures regarding the TIRESIA system, as well as the dissemination of information within the bank with the minimum participation of the Bank.

The system is ideal for a Bank (Central Services & Stores) that wants to have full control and registration of the users, processes, queries and answers of the TIRESIA system so that the bank's audit services can exercise substantive and documented control over but also in other relevant internal procedures, always ensuring the implementation of the rules dictated by the data protection authority (GDPR).

It should be noted that the extensive application of the system within the bank will offer great savings by reducing the use or even eliminating the old 3270 TIRESIA system from the network.


DCS Dynamic Client (Data Handling and Transfer)

The DCS Dynamic system is specially designed for the needs of the Bank's Branch Network in terms of searching, storing and managing TIRESIA data.

Through a friendly environment, each authorized user can query the TIRESIA system and get all the details of each person directly (CSS & SSA) without having to go step by step to see the details of each person as it does today through the environment 3270 TIRESIA.

DCS Dynamic also offers a number of other features such as copying queries, re-sending, displaying a list of old Questions / Answers, minimizing repetitions and new searches / accesses to TIRESIA that unnecessarily increase the cost of use.

The use of the system does not require specialized personnel since the system itself, in direct co-operation with the TIRESIA system, performs multiple queries in the database through automated processes and returns the "best results", ie the persons most fit to the set search provided by the user.


DCS Full Version (Credit Survey)

The DCS Full Version system is designed to fully meet the complex needs of the Bank, interconnecting a variety of banking systems, fully following the approval process as complex as it may be.

In this context, DCS receives electronically the SOAP or API requests from bank systems, conducts surveys at TIRESIA as well as in other bank systems (Loans, Cards) and returns a complete picture as well as a full evaluation for each involved person (Principal Beneficiaries, Co-beneficiaries, Guarantors)

Each request can contain up to 20 people, and DCS carries out all the research and evaluation for each person and creates a complete DCS Integrated XML Folder electronic file that contains all the information

It is understandable that the whole process foresees the addition of new people and queries, evaluation, classification, Behavior Scoring, N / A, etc., fully covering research, storage and management of economic behavior.

System Brochure (PDF)

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