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Leasing Management Systems

Leasing Management Information System (LMIS Family)

LMIS system is parametrically designed to fully manage data and leasing processes by providing complete management starting from the reception of an application till the completion of the lease.

The latest version has built-in capabilities for automatically managing documents, bids, contracts, orders, etc. minimizing the time required to complete the tasks, providing that way a complete view of the lease at any time.

Generally speaking, LMIS offers

  • Dynamic management of bids, contracts, orders etc. (Work Flow).
  • Car fleet management (price list of all types and models, extras per model, booking orders).
  • Sales management, sales network, promotion, outsourcing productivity, information, approvals.
  • Versatile customer management (customer image, communication, contacts, correspondence, complaints).
  • Dynamic management of accidents, repairs, maintenance, insurance, road assistance.
  • Integrated management of garage, external partnerships, suppliers
  • Management of MIS, Financial and Statistical Management information.
  • Simultaneous management of Single Accounting Plan and International Accounting Standards.

It should be mentioned that LMIS system is protected by multiple levels of security that allow us to define and configure options / tasks even after the system is completed, based on the needs of the company and the organization chart.

LMIS system is versatile, dynamic and user-friendly offering extensive information at all levels of the organization of the company, for any information that may be of interest to customers, suppliers, sales network, fixed assets, leases, financial information such as,

  • Lease payments per client and period.
  • Income - expenses, losses, balances, statistics.
  • Financial forecasts
  • Maturity of process flows, tenders, requests, contracts
  • Evaluation of fleet, sales network, customers, suppliers.
  • Other statistics.

LMIS system covers every type of lease, since it contains specialized subsystems such as Equipment Leasing, Car Rentals etc. offering complete management of Finance and Operating Leasing.


System Brochure (PDF)

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