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Mass Payments Systems

Mass Payments System (xPayment System)

ArtTec has developed in the last decade an integrated Mass Payments system, which has already been adopted by the largest Banking Institutions and special companies, covering all their needs.

Following the latest developments, we have adapted the system to the requirements and specifications of the European Union, making sure that our system is compatible with the SEPA (Single European Payment Area) thus harmonizing the needs of the future.

The main purpose of the system is the complete automation and electronic processing of bulk billing / credit records, both to the customer and to the central offices of the bank, under the absolute control and security that is required.

The xPayment System through the xPay Web Clientprovides the ability to receive, control, display, send, commit, and execute thousands of records that may originate from the client’s system or to be downloaded to the client from the bank database.

During the above processes and after the completion and accounting of the records, the system provides a series of information statements, documents and information to the customer and the bank in order to complete all the necessary processes. Additionally, the system can send a complete file of executed or non-commit orders, in order to automatically update local systems and client files.

The xPay Controlsystem provides complete control of the system operations and information for any problem that may occur. If it is necessary the system sends in some cases informational messages to the customer.
The parametric design of the system can meet the needs of a simple traditional customer (handwritten statements, check payments, etc.) to the needs of automatic B2B and B2C processes, offering full automation to the computerized customer and easy interfacing with other systems.


    • On Line Customer Update (Web Client)
    • Step by Step Customer Update
    • Simplification of Control / Acceptance / Execution Procedures
    • Large Customer Needs Coverage
    • Alternative Customer Update (e-Mail)
    • Electronic Sending of Prints & Documents
    • File Return / Client Systems Update
    • Easy Interfacing with Other Systems
    • Full Encryption /Customer
    • Secure FTP
    • B2B, B2C processes support
    • Full SEPA / DIAS support

System Brochure (PDF)

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