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Project Management (xMIS Family)

Every large organization has increased organization requirements. Project monitoring, personnel management and cost analysis are exponentially difficult processes as a company grows in size.

ArtTec offers Custom Made solutions for each of our customers individually by counting on into the powerful and flexible core of our products.

The demands of modern companies today on information and administration issues are constantly increasing, therefore decisions should be made as swiftly and as accurately as possible.

The main purpose of xMIS system is to help each management division having complete control over the execution of a project or task from planning and commissioning till completion.

Given today's needs, xMIS can make good use of information already available in the company (Data Warehouse), supplement this information with specialized knowledge, providing this way the management with the appropriate insight it needs in order to facilitate its work.

Given that each project is accompanied by a contract, the xMIS system monitors the execution of Project, Service, Training, Maintenance Contracts, emphasizing even to the equipment that accompanies this contract, when the warranty expires, when it is completed, when it is renewed, what increases were requested like any other element that helps management control all of them.

Easy scheduling, Monitoring of Projects and Tasks, Human Resource Management, the participation rate of each stakeholder, timely forecasting of delays are few of what the system can offer to those who get involved with.

System Brochure (PDF)

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