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Research and Evaluation Systems

Mass Data Collection & Evaluation System (DES)

The increased need for dynamic and effective evaluation inspired us to create solutions for this critical area.

Applications are unlimited, covering, for example, financial evaluation, efficiency evaluation and personnel evaluation.

A dedicated DES module, DES Designer, offers the ability to evaluate information according to the purpose of the evaluation, offering complete freedom to the Organization / Bank by providing the ability to design and implement multiple specific surveys and evaluations.

DESs (Data Evaluation System) purpose is the massively financial and Behavior Scoring evaluation that may concern natural or legal persons, aiming to achieve better designing and promoting products and services.

DES (Data Evaluation System) is ideal for Banks, Insurance Companies, Law Offices and organizations in general who want to have at all times a specific image of the profile of Customers, Affiliates, Partners so that the promotion of new services and products (Campaigns) is fully controlled and well targeted.


Multi-functional Data Collection & Evaluation System (Evaluation4all)

Evaluation4all system can be used to evaluate loans, cards, debts, customers, staff, processes, productivity, products, stores and any other object an Organization / Bank wishes to have in order to be able to formulate an immediate and objective viewpoint so that it can make the right decisions at the right time.

The above system was designed so that it can work in various environments even under the one of (IBM z / OS) and contains infrastructure interfaces for any system or application of any Organization / Bank, providing on a case-by-case basis, alternative forms of communication, collection and evaluation (Evaluation Buffer).

System Brochure (PDF)

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