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Special Transactions Systems

Integrated Test – Key Information System (ITIS)

Transaction security has always been one of the most demanding and important areas of our business. Our long-standing presence in the specific field with products adopted by almost all of the Greek Banking Area is the proof.

ITIS is an integrated On-Line, Real-Time Key Management system that ensures complete automation of key-locking processes throughout the Bank.
ITIS system through Modular algorithms ensures the correct issuance and verification of keys (Testkey) with the aim of certifying bank orders that can be sent using any alternative means of communication such as (Telex, Fax, Letter, E-mail).
By using ITIS, Bank can achieve any Test - Key form connection

  • with other Banks Domestic / Foreign
  • with branches of other Banks
  • with its branches (Simple Key)
  • with its branches (Electronic Key)
  • with specific customers (Customer Key)

ITIS designed to satisfy this specific field by providing through simplified procedures

  • Unlimited combination of processing tables
  • Simplified visualization of each key folder
  • Ultimate data security
  • Automatic key issuance and verification
  • Extensive motion information
  • Immediate pending information

under an integrated security framework that fully secures the Bank.

Test – Key Connections

ITIS provides an unlimited number of different Test – Key Connections through a parametric and dynamic representation of each Table-Key Format such as:

  • Prefix Tables

    For the management of all the possible Prefixes - Variables table format in order to monitor every message order.
  • Regular Prefix-Variable
  • Special Prefix-Variable
  • Without Variables
  • Without Prefixes
  • Prefix-Variable Day
  • Prefix Day
    as well as a combination of all of the above
  • Amount Tables
    In order to manage the amount (s) of Test – Keys, ITIS can use various forms of processing without any restrictions.
  • Date tables
  • Daily Tables per Week
  • Daily Tables per Year.
  • Special Processing Tables.
    To meet special needs, ITIS provides the possibility of parametrically defining of various tables, such as store tables, special users, alphabetical parameters, etc.

Test - Keying Procedures

During the Lock - Unlock Test - Key phase of the messages, ITIS system performs extensive checks on the order of messages, old transactions, and any pending issues.
Depending on the task ITIS performs at any given moment it proceeds to make

  • Analysis of the Job Code
  • Displaying the corresponding word
  • Checking of the Bank Code
  • Immediate display of the Bank's Title-City
  • Selective insertion of Test - Key elements
  • Checking the order of the Message
  • Checking the pending order
  • Checking the Authorization limit
  • Test - Key Completion-Verification
  • Show & Print the Test - Key
  • Printing of movement data
  • Message Validation - Avoid Errors
  • Inform operator in case of error
  • Update the Move in the Archive

Through the above processes ITIS system ensures the bank to properly execute orders by providing every possible control and information to each service, according to the authorization of each user

System Brochure (PDF)

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