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Non Stop Systems 24/7/365

Over the last 10 years, our company in order to develop new systems has finalized, implemented, and adheres specific architecture and standard methodologies to ensure the Non-Stop operation of its systems.

Given the systems architecture, their uninterrupted operation is fully covered (Start / Stop / Restart) by continuous control and troubleshooting ensuring continuous operation of the systems (24/7/365)

It should be mentioned that continuous monitoring, preventive research and early diagnosis of any serious problem allow immediate recovery from

  • Communication Problems
  • Data Base Problems (SQL Server)
  • Problems with MQSeries Procedures
  • Problems with Encryption Procedures
  • Problems with SOAP Services
  • • Problems with Batch Procedures

and generally, for any other serious problem or event that we would like to apply such kind of procedures like iPro Standard defines.

Preventive control and progressive monitoring of each workflow ensures that data and processes are managed in the best possible way.

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